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We are certified "SONO SICURO", a certification of  Italian Association of Electronic Commerce, that marks the e-commerce that are committed to ensuring high levels of quality of services.

On Ecoitaly your purchase is protected and secure. We guarantee the highest levels of quality of services to our customers, carefully protecting all rights of the consumer.

We are marked by the certification "SONO SICURO" of AICEL, Italian Association of Electronic Commerce. It is a real certification that marks the e-commerce that are committed to ensuring high levels of quality of services to its customers.

To obtain this certification, we followed a complex path of checks and inspections aimed at protecting and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

By choosing a certified site "SONO SICURO", you can make your purchases in maximum tranquility aware that your rights are protected.

Only stores that have passed the checks carried out by AICEL certifiers may expose the Certificate.

"SONO SICURO" is a project that has no precedent in Italy, this is the first certification service on the Polish e-commerce. The model applied is that of the traditional product certifications, such as ISO.

It is a certification that you earn, you do not buy !! To date less than 60% of the shops that required to obtain certification and are effectively managed to meet all the necessary criteria. To be able to get the online store has to ensure its clients in terms of:

  • quality of service
  • transparency of the conditions of sale?
  • clarity of communications and privacy management
  • security of financial transactions
  • correct advertising information

If purchases on Ecoitaly you are protected and safe !!

Il negozio elettronico di Ecoitaly è stato interamente realizzato dalla Ester Liquori Design, agenzia di grafica e comunicazione in Torino.

E' vietata la riproduzione totale o parziale di testi, descrizioni, immagini e loghi visibili sul sito. Tutti i marchi sono di proprietà esclusiva dei rispettivi aventi diritto.